Refine Supplier Results

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Under Filter by, you may check boxes to apply multiple filters and refine your supplier results by:

The numbers in parentheses by each filter option indicate the number of results in that category, and the result set and available filters change dynamically as filters are applied or removed.


Select a Grade filter to display suppliers based on the ingredient's grade.


Certificate of Analysis

Select a Certificate of Analysis filter to display suppliers based on the certificate's availability.


Bulk Availability

Select the Order from Supplier > Available filter to display suppliers that have indicated they sell the ingredient in bulk (100 grams or more).



Select a Supplier filter to display suppliers with a particular name.


Click View All to see and select additional options.


Select any additional filtering options, and then click the Apply button.



Supplier-Reported Properties

Select a Supplier-Reported Properties filter to display suppliers by an ingredient property they've reported.


Order from Supplier

Click Order from Supplier on a result to open the ingredient's ordering page on the supplier website.