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What is the regulatory information coverage?

CAS Formulus includes a variety of formulation-centric regulatory information, including:

  • ANMAT (National Administration of Drugs, Foods, and Medical Devices; Argentina)
  • Cosmetic Ingredient Inventory (COSING; European Commission)
  • EMA EPARs (European Public Assessment Reports; European Medicines Agency)
  • EMA Excipients List
  • EMA Pending EPARs
  • EPA Pesticide Inactive Ingredients (Environmental Protection Agency; United States)
  • EU Active Substances in Pesticides (European Commission)
  • FDA Color Additives (Food and Drug Administration; United States)
  • FDA Drug Master File List (Food and Drug Administration; United States)
  • FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)
  • FDA Green Book
  • FDA Inactive Ingredients Database
  • FDA Orange Book
  • Japanese Approved Drugs List (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency; Japan)
  • NMPA (National Medical Product Administration; China)