Document Types for Formulation References

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Based on the document type of the reference, additional information displays on the Reference Detail page:


On the Reference Detail page > Patent Information tab, you will find:

  • Patent Number
  • Application Number
  • Assignee
  • Document Identifiers
  • Publication Date
  • Application Date
  • Source

In the Patent Family section, clicking a linked patent family number will open the associated Reference Detail page. Clicking an available Patent PDF option downloads the PDF for the patent.



On the Reference Detail page > Journal Information tab, you will find:

  • Source
  • Company/Organization
  • Publisher
  • Language
  • Document Identifiers


Product Insert

On the Reference Detail page > Product Insert Information tab, you will find available:

  • Package Descriptions
  • Packager
  • Manufacturer
  • Product Information such as clinical pharmacology, pharmakinetics, indications and usage, contraindications, warnings/precautions, adverse reactions, and drug interactions.