July 26, 2022: FDA Color Additives Regulatory Data on Ingredient Detail Pages, User Interface Updates

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FDA Color Additives Regulatory Data on Ingredient Detail Pages

  • Offers enhanced ingredient identification support by including new regulatory approval source.
  • Helps users find ingredients approved for food use.
  • Includes FDA approvals of substances for use as coloring agents in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food uses.


The FDA often uses different ingredient names than other regulatory bodies such as COSING. CAS provides value by normalizing this content against our own substance collection and allowing easy discovery of critical information.

Users can also filter ingredient results by presence of FDA Color Additives data.


User Interface Updates

  • Updated match highlighting color to a brighter, more vibrant color for easy identification of relevant terms
  • Updated bibliographic summary on formulation results and Formulation Detail to provide better readability and draw more attention to the data presented.


Where to find:

  • Formulation results
  • Formulation Detail
  • Ingredient results
  • Ingredient Detail
  • Reference results