November 16, 2021: Send Ingredient to Designer, Similar Ingredients with Regulatory Information, CAS Product Switcher, Bulk Availability Filter for Supplier Results, Filter Formulations by State of Matter

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Send Ingredient to Designer

  • Allows the user to create a new formulation template with ingredient of interest
  • Accessible from ingredient window, ingredient tile, and Ingredient Detail page


Similar Ingredients with Regulatory Information

  • Informs the user of free base, salt forms, or hydrate forms with regulatory information
  • Synopsis of data presented on the ingredient tile, with more displayed on Ingredient Detail page


CAS Product Switcher

  • Provides the user with easy access to CAS products from within Formulus
  • Accessible via header to the left of the CAS Formulus logo


Bulk Availability Filter for Supplier Results

Allows the user to identify suppliers that have indicated bulk quantities are available


Filter Formulations by State of Matter

Users may now filter formulation results by the end product's state of matter. This filter also servers to focus the options present in the Physical Form filter.